The January 1998 Ice Storm Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Maps Showing areas affected by 1998 Ice Storm

Here are two preliminary maps of the freezing rain accumulation. TIME magazine has published a map on which I have based 2 maps. I believe the HydroQuebec map was put up Jan 27th, three weeks post mortem electrum. If anyone has a more accurate map please

HydroQuebec's Map shows ice accumilations in millimeters and their power grid, the other 2 maps show the geographical extent of the storm, based on Time magazine.Translation of French text is as follows:

Accumulation during the 5 days of the worst ice storm to hit in the history Quebec. Map shows the electrical grid near total collapse on January 9th (between 3Pm and midnight). The Green lines are functioning Electrical trunk lines, the Black triangles are main transformer stations. The dotted red lines are non functioning Electrical trunk lines. The Blue areas show the average accumilated measurements of ice in milimeters.

N.B. On the Hydro Quebec map you can clearly see that Montreal had only ONE servicable line Friday, Jan 9th. 1998 If it had failed the city of Montreal would have been without any power. It would have been a major disaster.

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