©Stephen McDonnell 2000


 Venitian Visit

No, there was never a first time, just an endless visit, a repetition of theatrical shows. The characters are always changing like a Comedia del Arte play. The actors vary but the roles are the same. An actor may even play different roles with time. Till the final exit.

What is Venice? The lapping of water, the toilette smell of the lagoon, the cry of a gondolier, the chugging of a vaporetto, the cries of seagulls, the clicking of tourist Camera shutters. Visually no other city, except Amsterdam, has a marriage with water like Venice. And Amsterdam has cars, while Venice has no roads. Only by foot, can you discover the city. At any time of the day or night, wandering in the Calle, the dead ends, the labyrinth of Venice is both wonderful and dangerous.

There is no map, no way to find where you are. Loosing oneself in Venice is so easy. Venice is like life, full of twists and turns, of paths that narrow down into tight darkness and then open into a bright plaza. No way to say what is around the next bend, what lies behind a door way. Danger? Or ecstasy? Only by letting go, only by loosing control can one enjoy Venice.