Introduction and short recount of trip

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August 2005 we visited Central America again, and again we were overwhelmed by the beauty of the country, people, animals and our adventures...

Harvard Professor Edward O. Wilson talks of Biophilia - the love nature and living creatures. I experienced it again, as we were snorkeling on the world's second largest barrier reef off of Belize, when a huge Eagle Ray glided slowly beneath us. After seeing hundreds of fish, corral and sharks and stingrays (which we touched!) we felt like later day Jacques Cousteaus, swimming with the most beautiful creatures under water - including a leather back sea turtle.

We stayed for five hot humid days in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye and then traveled inland to the Maya Mountains, where we took a day tour into Guatemala to see the Mayan ruins of Tikal. Wow! I climbed two pyramids, 100 and 200 feet tall.

On our way back to Belize city, we stopped at the Belize zoo and saw Jaguars, Harpy Eagle, etc... Words can't express the emotions of seeing such beauty, the animals seemed happy as well.

To all the wonderful people we met in Belize and Guatemala, a big thank you & Gracias to Tessa, Lilly, Alphonso, Luis, Ilias, Homer etc...